CLASS PROGRESS: Another unique feature at our dance studio is the way we set up our classes. Students are grouped according to age, skill, practicing habits and attendance. If we feel a student isn’t keeping up, or could progress faster, we will move them to another class. We are always re-evaluating our classes and making improvements. We ask that you try a class for at least a month before consulting your teacher about moving to another.                        

ATTENDANCE: Attendance records are kept each year. Regular attendance is a must if you are to benefit the most from your training. Each student is important to the progress of the whole class. Interest is kept when there is progress and development. Irregular attendance slows both.  If your child is going to be absent, please call the office or inform your teacher the week prior. If you are absent from a dance lesson, you are responsible at the next lesson for knowing the steps taught in the class you missed. Consult a friend, or come early to find someone to help you. New steps cannot be taught again and again, this would not be fair to the faithful attendees.

DANCE MUSIC: We are no longer making CDs for home practice, as CD players are a thing of the past. If you wish a copy of your child’s dance music, talk to your teacher and she/he will e-mail it to you. Music makes practicing fun!


DRESS CODE: Required dancewear and dance shoes must be worn to all classes.

Female dancers, (5th grade and up):  

     * Leotard, unitard, or solid color, tight-fitting, cami or tank top,    

        are required.

     * Black jazz/dance pants are required. (age 3 to 4th grade):

     * Any dance attire. No gym shorts, sweat pants, pajama pants,

      or t-shirts.

     * Hair must be off the face and secured.


Female gymnasts: 

     * Leotard or biketard required. Bike shorts, bootie shorts, or  

        Soffee shorts (over the top) optional.

     * Tights, (footless or stirrup) optional.

     * No basketball shorts, sweat pants, pajama pants, jazz pants, or 


     * Hair must be off the face and secured.


Male dancers or gymnasts: 

     * Any well-fitting athletic wear. Tees or tanks should be tucked


     * No jeans, jean shorts, or oversized basketball shorts. All shorts

        must be above the knee and of stretch material. 



     Tap:  Black tap shoes.

     Jazz:  Black or Tan jazz shoes.

     Ballet and Lyrical:  Black or Tan jazz shoes (tan will be needed for 


     Gymnastics:  Barefoot, no socks.

      Leggings – All tights must be stir-up or footless, as the students

           slip on the carpet or mats during gymnastics.






BAD WEATHER:  When bad weather develops, all cancellations will be posted on our website, (, and on our new Studio App. Sometimes we are unaware of road conditions outside of the Denison area. If you feel driving is unsafe, please call to advise us of the weather in your area. If you are not coming due to the weather, please let us know. Any classes canceled due to bad weather will be rescheduled and made up. If school has been canceled or let out early, do not assume there will not be classes.


CARE OF STUDENTS: The Studio is not responsible for providing before or after class care for students. Students are not to be left at the studio for excessive amounts of time.


INJURIES: Parents, legal guardians of minor students and adult students waive the right to any legal action for any injury sustained on Studio property resulting from normal dance or gymnastics activity or any other activity conducted by the students before, during, or after class time.


PARENT RESPONSIBILITIES: Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend classes to observe their child’s progress, especially children under the age of seven. Taking notes or use of a video camera is highly recommended in the dance room. We expect your courtesy to keep talking at a minimum. The outer lobby, with large viewing windows, is provided for those of you with small children so classes are not interrupted.


Our studio is unique in this program of parental participation. We feel it greatly benefits your child’s dance or gymnastics education. Consider the following:

a.       You, as a parent, know what is being taught.

b.      You can help her/him practice at home.

c.       You can observe if your child is keeping up with the class.

d.      You can monitor your child’s behavior in class.




Thank you for your interest about classes at Sherri and Julie's Dance and Gymnastics.  We want to take this opportunity to extend a warm  "Welcome" to each of you.  We ask that you please take a moment to acquaint yourself with our policies and procedures.

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